Sarracenia seeds

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Sarracenia is deadly. But only for bugs. However this is the perfect plant for families with children. Sarracenia is fascinating and beautiful, and most children loves them. 

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Sarracenia are beautiful plants easy to grow, and they eat lots of insects. 

The leaves is known as pitfall traps. They lure the insects with nectar and beautiful colours. The rim of the the pitcher is slippery, causing the insects to fall into the trap. The pitcher is filled with acids and digestive enzymes. 

If you have location outside with full sun, sarracenias grow well if only they have enough of water. However not all sarracenias can handle degrees below zero - at least not for very long. 

Sarracenias can also be grown indoors in a place with lots of sun and light. If the leaves get soft or somehow tilt, it is a sign, that they haven't gotten enough light. When growing the plant indoor you might need to feed the plant with flies or other insects.  

The seeds will germinate best in 1:1 spaghnum (peat moss) and "perlite." The soil should be kept moist all year. 

There is no reason to use fertilizer. If the plants get full sun and insects they will grow just fine. Over-fertilization can result in failure to produce normal pitchers, burned leaves, or even killing the plant. 

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