Cape Sundew pink seeds

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Cape Sundew makes an eye-catching as well as bug-catching house plant for those looking for a fascinating plant. 

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Cape Sundew is a perfect carnivorous plant for beginners. They easily grow into large, decorative plants, and they don't need any special care. You can place Cape Sundew in windowsills, greenhouses, or in a terrarium. 

The plants can vary in size - from a few centimeters in diameter up to the same size as a small bush. 

The leaves are covered with hundreds of small red hairs, that secrete a sticky juice containing digestive enzymes. As soon as an insect lands it will get stuck. The more the insect tries to escape, the more stuck it will get. The digestive enzymes will break down the proteins from the insect, so it can be absorbed by the plant in the end. 

Cape Sundew needs to eat to survive. It will get nutritions from the insects it captures. During fall and winter you might need to feed the plant with dead flies if you don't have a lot of insects in your house. 

In most homes you will find the right temperature (16 - 24 degrees celsius) and humidity for Cape Sundews. However lower light levels and temperatures can cause the plant to go dormant, but it will grow new leaves and flowers as soon as the plant gets what it needs.  

During the first year the plant will blooms with lots of beautiful, purple flowers. 

Sow the seeds in spaghnum moss or peat moss and place the pot ind the windowsill. The seeds will germinate in about 2-4 weeks.  

Certified Organic Seeds!

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