Papaya Summer Squash Seeds

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Don't compare Papaya Squash with the ordinary squash, you buy in supermarkets. The flavor is much more delicate.

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The Papaya Squash is oval and yellow. They have a nice thin peel and a mild, delicate flavor.

You can use the Papaya Squash in Ratatouille or other hot dishes. You might also find it delicious raw in salads.

You can sow the Papaya Squash seeds directly in the garden soil, but they are very sensitive to cold, so wait until mid-June. However, it may be advantageous to germinate the seeds indoor from late April. Then move the small squash plants into the garden in the middle of June.

The plants grow rapidly when just getting started. Make sure the soil is moist, and use some sort of fertilizer throughout summer. 

The Papaya Squash shouldn't get much larger than about 10-15 cm long. In this size they taste its best, and you should eat them soon after harvest. If the Papaya Squash gets too big the peel gets hard and their taste fades.

Fortunately, the more squash you harvest, the more squashs the plant grows.


Organic seeds.

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