Purple Teepee Beans Seeds

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The Teepee bean is looking intriguing with it's beautiful purple pods. 

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The Purple Teepee beans are incredibly decorative with their shiny violet / purple - almost black pods. They change color to emerald green when cooked. 

The beans has a delicious and delicate flavor. They have a high vitamin content and are rich in protein. You ALWAYS need to boil beans before eating. Never eat them raw! You can boil them for 5-10 minutes.

Purple Teepee is a dwarf bean and the plant is very low and you don't have to tie them up. They are perfect for the small garden or a balcony, where there is plenty of sun and warmth. The flowers are small and in a beautiful purple color. 

You can germinate the seeds indoor or in the greenhouse from around May, and then move the small plants into the garden around June. However, you can also easily grow them directly in the garden soil from June. The beans require sunlight and warmth - in return you'll get plenty of beans. The more you harvest, the more beans the plant grows. 

Organic seeds.

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