Purple Cauliflower Graffiti Seeds

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"Graffiti" Cauliflower tastes like a regular cauliflower, but in return it has an impressive color that can tempt even the biggest cauliflower-hater.

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The cauliflower "Graffiti" has a beautiful, dark purple color. Most of the beautiful purple color disappears when the cauliflower is cooked. If you want to keep the purple color it's best to eat the cauliflower raw. 

It's beneficial to germinate the seeds indoors in late April / early May. In early June, when the average temperature won't get below zero, you can move the small plants into the garden.

It's a good idea to cover cauliflower plants with nonwovens or similar as the caterpillars can eat all the plants faster than you can imagine.

The plants require plenty of water and regular fertilizer.

Organic seeds.

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