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Chard has been cultivated in the North for more than 500 years, but has been somewhat forgotten, which is such a shame. Chard is easy to grow and delicious to cook.

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Bright Lights chard has large, dark green, and wrinkled leaves with thick stems in yellow, red and pink colors. The plant is very decorative, and can also be used in the garden as ornamental plants. Its colorful, glossy stems is a decorative detail in the autumn time.

You can choose to harvest chard, while the plant still has baby leaves. They are just perfect in salads. When Bright Lights Chard is fully grown, both leaves and stems can be eaten, but should be prepared separately. You can steam the leaves or use them in the wok. They taste a bit like spinach, and you can use the leaves as you would with spinach. The stems can be blanched or sautéed just like asparagus. They are very mild in flavor, and you can conveniently use various spices or maybe chili.

You can grow chard in the garden from about late April. Bright Lights chard tolerates slight freezing degrees, so if autumn is mild in degrees, you can harvest chard until Christmas.

The plant grows 30-45 cm in height and 20-25 cm in width. Place the plants with about 20 cm gap, unless you want to use your chard as baby leaves. In that case, you grow them 3-4 centimeters apart.

Chard is really easy to grow and makes no specific requirements for care - just make sure that they don't dry out. If you want to use them as baby leaves, there is no need to use fertilizer. Otherwise, you can use fertilizer regularly throughout the season.

The harvest can begin 50-60 days after sowing.

Organic seeds.

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