Tomato Indigo Rose Seeds

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It's true to say the tomato Indigo Rose is a superfood. It contains lots of antioxidants.

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Indigo Rose is a completely new variety of tomato from 2012. The Oregon State University has tried to develop a special tomato variety with high content of antioxidants for several years. By crossing wild- and cultivated varieties, they have developed the Indigo Rose tomato. It has its dark color in a completely natural way. 

Indigo Rose tomato have a particularly high content of anthocyanins, which is also found in blueberries, and is considered to act as antioxidants. It doesn't affects the flavor, which has a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. The coveted anthocyanin only develops where the fruit is exposed to sunlight.

Indigo Rose is dark purple - almost black - and the shiny skin of the tomato reminiscences a dark aubergine. The flesh inside the tomato is red, and in great contrast to the dark purple skin.

Indigo Rose develops from green to dark purple when it gets sun. It is ripe and can be harvested when the color changes from shiny blue-black to a more matte purple-brown color.

You need to germinate the tomato seeds indoors. Around May you can then move your small tomato plants into your garden. If the temperature drops below 8 degrees the tomato plants can be damaged, so don't move the plants until the temperature remains evenly over the 10 degrees.

Indigo Rose can be grown in the open, as long as it's warm, sunny and in shelter. The variety is resistant to most diseases.

As with all other tomato plants the Indigo Rose tomato needs fertilizer. What kind of fertilizer you use is a matter of taste. 

You can expect 80-90 days from sowing to first harvest.

Organic seeds.

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