Pumpkin Dills Atlantic Giant Seeds

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Pumpkin Dills Atlantic Giant is favorite when people around the world are competing for winning the title as owner of the world's largest pumpkin.

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Pumpkin Dills Atlantic Giant sure lives up to its name. Right now the world record is more than 1100kg. To grow pumpkins this big, a climate that resembles the American Midwest is required, but it is still possible to grow giant pumpkins in Scandinavia.

Tivoli in Copenhagen is annually crowning the heaviest pumpkin in Denmark. Apparently, the secret of Denmark's heaviest pumpkin is a long summer where the pumpkin is wrapped in a duvet and additionally fertilized with huge amounts of cow dung.

Pumpkin Dills Atlantic Giant isn't particularly tasty. If you want to grow pumpkins for eating, we have other - more suitable - varieties at Childish.com. 

If you want giant pumpkins, you need to germinate the seeds indoor from around April. The plant doesn't tolerate degrees below zero. Wait until the temperature remains consistently above 10 degrees, before you move the plants into the garden. 

Is it your goal to grow a pumpkins as big as possible, you only let one pumpkin develop on each plant.

Organic seeds.

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