Yellow Tiny Pear Tomato Seeds

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These tiny yellow cherry tomatoes are so delicious that you probably are going to eat all of them directly from the plant.

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The yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes are an old variety that dates back to the 1800s.

The tomatoes has a sweet and fruity flavor, and they are great to pick directly from the plant and eat raw. You can also use the cherry tomatoes in hot dishes.

The seeds can be germinated indoor around March-April. You need to water gently but thoroughly and often. When the small tomato plants have germinated, they can be moved into the greenhouse when the night temperature won't get below zero. Place the tomato plant with about 45 cm distance. The pear-shaped cherry tomatoes can also grow outdoor, if you don't have a greenhouse. They just need a place with shelter and plenty of sun and warmth.

The tomato plants shouldn't dry out, and you can give them a bit fertilizer occasionally. 

Organic seeds.

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