Tomato Seeds Mix

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If you want to try different tomato varieties the Super Tomato Mix is just perfect.

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Super Tomato Mix contains a mix of different tomato varieties - all with great taste and in a mix of beautiful colors.

When you want to grow tomatoes in Scandinavia, it's necessary to let the seeds germinate indoors. You can germinate the seeds from around March-April. Once the seeds have germinated, you can move your small tomato plants into a greenhouse. Wait until there is no longer a risk of degrees below zero. It is better to wait as tomato plants will not tolerate freezing temperatures. 

As long as the plants are placed somewhere with lots of sun, warmth and shelter, you can easily grow tomatoes outdoor in Scandinavia. You can for instance grow tomatoes on a terrace. You don't need to own a greenhouse for home-grown tomatoes.

Tomato plants don't need any special care - just make sure the plants don't dry out. They require lots of water. You can benefit from giving your tomato plants a little fertilizer throughout summer.


Organic Seeds.

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