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Seven Pot Barrackpore Seeds

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All you need is one single Seven Pot Barrackpore chili pepper and you have enough to make seven different - but extremely hot - dishes.  

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Seven Pot Barrackpore origins from the Barrackpore area in southern Trinidad & Tobago, and it's part of the Seven Pot chilies. They have gotten their name Seven Pot, because you apparently can make seven dishes (pots) of only one chili. Place the chili pepper in the dish and take it up again, before the dish is done. The next day you do the same, with the exact same chili pepper. Seven Pot Barrackpore is so hot that even after seven days, you can expect a very hot dish from the same chili pepper. 

Seven Pot Barrackpore has a fruity taste and it's suitable for any hot dishes.  

You can plant the seeds indoor, and place the small chili plants outside when the night temperature won't get below 8 degrees celsius. The chili peppers ripe from green to red. The more sun and warmth they'll get, the hotter they will become. 

Certified Oraganic Seeds. 

Heat: 10+++ (Scoville: 1.000.000 - 1.300.000) 

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