Red Alert Tomato Bush Seeds

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Although the Red Alert Tomato may seem small and compact, it will definitely provide you with numerous small, heart-shaped tomatoes with a delicate sweetness.

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Red Alert is a bush tomato. It will only be about 45 cm tall, and is therefore perfect for the patio, the balcony or a windowsill. Like any other tomato varieties the Red Alert plant needs plenty of sun, warmth, and shelter.

Red Alert tomato seeds need be germinated indoor from around March. It will take about 7-14 days before the seeds begin to germinate. After germination the Red Alert tomato plant is growing rapidly. You can move the tomato plants into the garden around the end of May. The Red Alert tomato bush can of course also be grown in greenhouses. They don't tolerate  degrees below zero - so if possible, don't move the plants outdoor until you are sure, that the night temperature stays well above zero.

Red Alert is a simple and easy tomato plant. As long as you are making sure to water, and the plant doesn't dry out, it will provide you with plenty of fresh tomatoes. You can benefit from giving the tomato some fertilizer regularly throughout summer.

Organic seeds.

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