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Chioggia is a very tasty beetroot with the finest candy stripes.

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The Chioggia Beetroot is an old Italian variety, which is named after the town of Chioggia, south of Venice. On the outside it's similar to an ordinary beetroot, but inside it has the finest white and pink candy stripes.

The Chioggia Beetroot has a sweet, mild flavor and can be eaten both raw or cooked. The candy stripes will almost disappear when cooked or pickled. The beetroot contains calcium, iron, and vitamin A and C. 

Beetroots are easy to grow. You can grow them in the garden soil from around 1st of May, or when there is no longer a risk of temperatures below zero. Freezing temperatures can destroy the plants.

You can eat the Chioggia Beetroots while they are still small. When the beetroots can be seen right under the surface they are completely harvest ready. Neither way, they are very tasty. You can also eat the red and green leaves. They are delicious in salads, but if scalp the plant completely, the roots can't grow.

Chioggia Beetroot doesn't require any special care. In dry periods you might need to water the plants as growth otherwise would stall.

Organic seeds.

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