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Spacemaster is a smaller cucumber - perfect for your lunch box. Once you have begun to grow your own cucumbers, you'll never again buy cucumbers in a supermarket. Home-grown cucumbers just taste far better!

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The Spacemaster Cucumber is a small, dark green cucumber that only gets up to 20 cm long. It is crispy, juicy and never bitter. It's ideal for your lunch or salad.

The Spacemaster Cucumber is the perfect cucumber for people who would like to have home-grown cucumbers, but don't have much space. Spacemaster is a relatively small plant with vines of 60 - 80 cm. Since the plant isn't too big, you'll be able to grow it in a warm, sunny terrace or balcony with shelter, but just remember that cucumber plants need lots of warmth, so a greenhouse would be the most optimal solution.

You can germinate your cucumber seeds indoors from around March-April. Only place one seed per pot. At Chilish we only sell seeds with germination guarantee, and you can expect that your Spacemaster cucumber seeds will germinate in 5-10 days.

In early June, you can move your cucumber plants into your greenhouse or place the plants on your terrace.

Make sure that your cucumber plants never dry out. However, they don't like to be standing in water. The stem is very delicate and can rotten easily, so never water directly on the root - instead water around the stem.

Cucumber plants need fertilizer - preferably several times during the season.

You can expect the plants grow quickly. They have twining tendriler, and they'll need something to climb. It can be a bamboo stick, or you can tie up the plants up in the greenhouse.

It takes about 56 days before the first cucumbers are ready to be harvested.

Organic seeds.

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