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Easter Egg radishes are a mix of colors with white, red, yellow and pink radishes.

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A lot of people don't like radishes because they find them too hot and bitter, but radishes don't have to be so bitter. Just make sure that the plants get plenty of water, and that they don't dry out. Also you can eat the radishes while they are still relatively small, when they havn't gotten so bitter yet. 

Easter Egg radishes are really easy to grow. They are rapidly growing, and they can grow just about anywhere in the garden. It's a sure success for all. Easter Egg is a mix of white, red and yellow radishes.

Radishes are one of the first vegetables, to grow and harvest in the spring time. You can grow them from April to August. 

There are no major requirements for care and cultivation of radishes. They can be sown directly in ordinary garden soil, and as long as you ensure that the plants don't dry out, the plants are doing the rest of work for you.

You can expect that it takes on average 25 days from germination until harvesting.

Organic seeds.

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