Radish Watermelon Seeds

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This is actually a radish, but it sure looks like a watermelon - it's light green on the outside with bright pink flesh. 

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The Watermelon radish is also called Chinese radish, as it has long been known and used in China. It is very decorative, and stand out from the ordinary radishes. Like a watermelon it's light green on the outside and on the inside pink.

The Watermelon radish taste very much like an ordinary radish. It's bitter and a little hot, yet you also feel a sweetness that you don't normally experience with radishes. You can eat the radish raw, but you can also use it in wok. It keep its crispness even after stir-frying.

Radishes are generally some of the easiest vegetables to grow in your garden. They can grow anywhere, but you can also place them in a pot on the balcony.

You can grow your radish seeds directly in the garden soil from around April. They don't require any special care - just make sure they get plenty of water so the plants don't dry out. If the plants dry out, that the radishes may turn more bitter than desired.

From you have sown your radish seeds, it takes an average of 27 days before you can harvest the first radishes.

Organic seeds.

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