Aubergine Golden Eggs seeds

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It's easy to understand why the Golden Eggs aubergine is also known as the Easter Egg Plant. It looks like the plant has small eggs on it. 

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The Aubergine plant Golden Eggs originates from Asia, where it has been cultivated for centuries.

Like most other aubergine plants the Golden Eggs plant has purple flowers. The flowers will turn into white aubergines in the same size as a hen's egg. As they ripen, they change from pale yellow to dark yellow - almost orange. The aubergines should be eaten when they are white or pale yellow. When they are dark yellow they are actually overripe, but they are still very funny and decorative.

Golden Eggs aubergines can be eaten in the same way as any other aubergines - in hot dishes. They are great on the grill.

You have to germinate the seeds indoors. When there is no longer risk of degrees below zero, you can move the small aubergine plants. The plant requires a lot of warmth and it's therefore best suited for growing in a greenhouse, but you will also be able to grow the plant in a sunny windowsill. If you want to grow aubergine plants in the open, it should be on a terrace with shelter and plenty of sun.

The plant is about 50 cm tall, and you can expect between 10 to 15 aubergines on each plant.

Organic seeds.

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