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Sweet bell peppers in red, orange, yellow, green, white and purple.

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Bell Pepper Mix contains seeds that germinate into white, orange, red, yellow, green and purple bell peppers. 

You can germinate the seeds indoor from February to March. Around May, you can move the plants into a greenhouse. Bell peppers are also suitable to grow on a windowsill, if you don't have a greenhouse.

Once you have planted your seeds, they need warmth (20-25 degrees) during the day, but they won't damage if the temperature at night drops to around 15 degrees. The seeds usually germinate within 10-20 days.

Depending on the temperature in summer, you can try to grow bell peppers outdoor. It's important place the plants in the warmest and sunniest spot in the garden in shelter from the wind. The plants need plenty of light and warmth.

It might be necessary to use fertilizer regularly throughout the summer. What type of fertilizer you choose is a matter of preferences and is based on one's own beliefs.

The branches that carry bell peppers can easily break off under the weight of the peppers. However, you can tie up plants or use a stick to support the branches. 

Organic seeds.

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