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Inca Berry is one of the easiest exotic plants to grow.

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Inca Berries are delicious, and have an amazing sweet-sour flavor. You can eat them just as they are, but they are also suitable for jellies, because the berries contain pectin which is very thickening.

Often you get the best result growing Inca Berries in a greenhouse because the plant needs much warmth. However, you can succeed in growing the plant in the open, if it's placed in shelter with plenty of warmth.

Inca Berries are small, round, orange berries, hanging separately on the plant. A prominent feature is the inflated, papery calyx enclosing each berry. It looks a bit like a papery Chinese lantern protecting the berry. You only eat the orange berries

You need to germinate the seeds indoors from around the month of March. They germinate usually after 10-25 days. You can move the plants into a greenhouse in early May, or outdoors in the beginning of June. The plants does not tolerate degrees below zero!

The plants are about 100-150 cm tall. The flowers are yellow with a blue-purple center, and the fruit is ripe when the papery calyx enclosing the berry becomes pargament-like.

You need to water the plants regularly, and you can use some fertilizer throughout summer. 

Organic seeds.

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