Butternut Squash Seeds

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Butternut squash is pear-shaped and has the most beautiful honey-like color. They taste similar to sweet potatoes. 

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Butternut squash is shaped like a pear, and has a honey-colored shell. Inside, the flesh is golden orange. The taste slightly reminiscent of sweet potatoes but has a more nutty flavor. You can use butternut squash in soups, you can bake it, or cook it.

Butternut squash is quite slow growing, and it requires lots of sun and shelter. In an ordinary Danish summer it can take up to three month before the Butternut squash are ripe. It's therefore necessary to start germinate the seeds indoors from around March-April. When the average temperature for the day remains above 10 degrees celcius (end May - beginning June), you can move the small plants outdoors.

You should reap Butternut squash before the temperature gets below zero. If kept in a dry place with temperatures around 10-15 degrees, you can keep the Butternut Squash indoors for months. It is also possible to reap Butternut Squash, while they still are green and allowing them to ripen indoors. It will take about a month.  

Organic seeds.

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