Cherry Tomato Rainbow Mix Seeds

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Cherry Tomato Mix is a unique combination of different cherry tomatoes.

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Cherry Tomato Mix contains tomato seeds, providing you with cherry tomatoes in various colors and flavors. They are all incredibly delicious and tasteful. In the package you will find cherry tomato seeds the will germinate into red, yellow, orange tomatoes.

Cherry tomato seeds need to germinate indoors at room temperature from around February-March. Normally the seeds germinate quickly, and within 5-15 days you'll see the first cotyledons. When the small tomato plants have grown a bit, it may be beneficial to move the plants to a room where the temperature rarely drops below 16-18 degrees. This may be a utility room or something like that. 

Around June you can move the cherry tomato plants into a greenhouse. You need to be aware of the fact, that tomato plants won't tolerate freezing temperatures, and the germination may stall if the temperature stays below 8 degrees celcius. 

You can easily grow cherry tomatoes outdoor in Scandinavia. You just have to plant them somewhere sunny and warm, where they are sheltered from the wind.

Tomato plants need some sort of fertilizer. At the same time sunlight and water is essential. 

Organic seeds.

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