Calliandra Bonsai Seeds

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Calliandra got its nickname Powder Puff Tree because of its pink flowers that look like a powder puff or a makeup brush.

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The Caliandra Tree originates from South America. Therefore it's best suited to grow indoors in Scandinavia. 

The Caliandra Tree needs to be placed somewhere with sun and warmth - for instance in a windowsill. You can also grow it in the greenhouse in the summertime. However, it may be necessary to protect the tree from excessive sun during summer.

The tree blooms sporadically throughout the year, but it has the the greatest amounts of flowers in autumn. The tree will be full of pink and red, fragrant flowers.

The Caliandra Tree can grow up to 1.5 meters tall under the right conditions in Denmark, but you can also choose to prune the tree so that it is kept in dwarf form or used as a Bonsai tree.

You can grow the Calandra Tree seeds throughout the year indoors. Soak the seeds with warm (not boiling) water for 1-2 days. After that place the seeds in moist soil, and cover them lightly with soil. Preferably choose a pot with a holes in the bottom, so that the soil is well drained. Germination can take 1-4 weeks.

It's important that the soil is kept moist and watered regularly.

The Caliandra Tree is easy to grow for as long as it gets sun, warmth and plenty of water. You can benefit from applying fertilizer once a month.

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