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Venus Flytrap reminiscent of the movie Jaws, because they sure does look rather dangerous and hungry. 

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Venus Flytrap is properbly the most popular of the carnivorous plants, and it's quite fascinating. The trap looks like a giant mouth with big teeth.

It originates from North and South Carolina, where they grow in a warm, humid and sunny environment in acidic soil.

Venus Flytrap has traps that close when it senses a touch. When the insect climbs into the trap, it will close. The more the insect is moving, the closer the trap gets. The insect eventually dies of suffocation, and digestive enzymes slowly dissolves the insect.

When germinating Venus Flytrap seeds, just sprinkle them on the soil. You don't need to cover the seeds with soil. You can grow your Venus Flytrap seeds in a terrarium. If you don't have a terrarium, don’t worry. Take an empty 2-liter soda bottle and cut the bottom of. Place it over the pot with your seeds. Take off the lid making sure that air can circulate. Place the pot with your homemade terrarium in a sunny windowsill.

It is important that the seeds don’t stand in water. The soil should be kept moist, but not more than that. Don’t water with tap water. It has a high amount of calcium. Instead you can use rainwater or distilled water.

Grow your Venus Flytrap in acidic soil. You can for instance mix Spaghnum and Perlite/sand in the ratio of 50:50.

Venus Flytrap grows slowly, so arm yourself with patience. There might be several weeks before the seeds begin to sprout - sometimes it can take up to a few months - so don’t give up too early.


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