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Pinguicula is a genus of most-uncarnivorous-looking, yet quite carnivorous plants. The details are terrifying. How can this sweet little thing be a carnivore?

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You’ll find Pinguicula growing all over the World including Scandinavia. They’ll grow in meadow and marsh, but you can also grow them in your garden or windowsill.

The most common species is Pinguicula Vulgaris. It has light green leaves, that forms a rosette. The succulent-looking leaves are very symmetrical. The leaves are covered with some sort of sticky mucus. The prey will get stuck to the leaf, drown in the mucus and later digested in different enzymes.

In winter the Pinguicula looks rather anonymous – even a bit boring. However, in the summer time the plant will flower for several months. They have the most beautiful, violet and purple flowers.

You can grow Pinguicula in the garden - even if you live in areas with cold and snowy winters. You can also grow the plant in a windowsill.

The plant prefers acidic soil. You can mix spaghnum and perlite (or sand) in a 1:1 ratio.

Pinguicula is quite slow growing. It’s not unusual if it takes 8-12 weeks to germinate. Be patient, and don’t give up! 

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