Tigerella Tomato Seeds

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Tigerella tomato seeds will provide you with numerous tomatoes. Moreover, the plant is highly resistant to various diseases. Perfect for beginners. 

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Tigerella Tomatoes are quite small tomatoes around 5 cm in diameter. They are striped in red and orange / yellow colors. The flavor is sweet but with a touch of acidity. They are perfect for salad, but you can also use them in tomato soup or pasta sauces.

Whether you want to grow your tomato plants in greenhouse or outdoor, you need to germinate the seeds indoors from around march. Then later you can move the tomato plants to the greenhouse or the terrace. Tomato plants does not tolerate degrees below zero. The plant will die. If temperature stays below 8 degrees, growth may slow down, and it will be difficult to get some proper plants after that. So nerver move the plants too early. 

Tomato plants require a certain amount of water, and shouldn't dry out. It is recommended to use some sort of fertilizer as the plants need nutrition. If the leaves are pale green, it's a sign that they might lack nitrogen. 

You can expect to harvest the first tomatoes 60-70 days after germination. 

Organic seeds.

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